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Back Taxes, Settlement with the IRS and State.
Entity Formation: Corporation and LLC.
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Long-term Care Insurance Premiums Tax-Free Dollars!

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Tax Preparation – Personal and Business Tax Preparation Service

You work for your money and the IRS works hard to take as much as it can away from you. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff ranging from enrolled agents, CPA’s, and tax attorneys work hard to keep your money where it belongs…with you. We understand that every client is unique and as part of our family, we take personal care of each client’s situation to provide the best possible result we can.

Tax Preparation for: Individuals, S-Corporation, C-Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships.

Individual Tax Preparation Services

  • Free initial tax consultation (determine tax liability, tax deductions, etc.)
  • Federal income tax preparation
  • State income tax preparation
  • California and out-of-state tax preparation
  • Amended tax return preparation
  • Prior year tax return filing
  • Electronic filing (IRS e-file)
  • IRS Audit assistance
  • State Revenue Service assistance

Tax Resolution – Back Taxes, Settlement with the IRS and State.

The tax code guidelines can be difficult to understand.  We can make sense of it and provide you with real answers to your tax issues.  We take great pride in having saved  our clients millions of dollars over the years through our comprehensive tax resolution services.  Whether your issue is with the IRS or the State, we can help clear up the issues that you are facing, and get you back on track to a debt-free future.

Business Planning – Business Formation – Entity Formation: Corporation and LLC.


Whether you have a business or are starting a new one, it is both risky and difficult to do it on your own.  Navigating the new IRS regulations and continuous changes to the tax code makes it even harder. Continual support and expert knowledge of current tax code is essential to your case.  Cardinal Tax Group can help you stay organized, maximize your tax benefits, and generally keep the IRS and State from sending threatening notices.  Our best advice when starting a new enterprise: be savvy, do research, ask questions.  We are here to help.

Tax Avoidance   – Long-term Care Insurance Premiums Tax-Free Dollars!

The term tax avoidance is analogous to wise tax-planning.  Lowering or eliminating your tax liabilities completely depends on your taking advantage of all deductions available to you.   Taxpayers tend to be intimated by their taxes because they assume worst-case scenarios.  Even if you are not able to pay the liability immediately, action taken is better than neglect.  Ask us how you may not need to pay capital gains tax.

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