Tax Court Cases

We work with clients on all aspects of their tax controversies, from the audit process all the way through administrative appeals and can even litigation in court.

Cardinal Tax Group will seek to resolve any tax dispute with the IRS or State.  Our approach to tax controversies begins by listening to our client’s perspective first, and advising from there.  We start any new case by listening to you about your experience and will give guidance once we know more about your position.

Cardinal Tax Group’s work draws from two particular strengths:

The Cardinal Tax Group consists of Tax Lawyers and supporting staff who have extensive knowledge of up-to-date Tax Laws as well as the inner workings of the IRS.

Our Litigation department employs advanced and effective approaches to personal and business litigation matters, the goal being to design the most effective way to resolve your case.

The public benefits when a team of knowledgeable Tax Lawyers and accomplished Litigators focuses on efficacy — Cardinal Tax Group will help with any challenge the IRS or State presents to you.

  • Knowledgeable and friendly team dedicated to your case
  • Available and responsive to your needs
  • Quick turnaround time for your case
  • Each case evaluated by a Tax Attorney
  • We can get you a larger refund
  • Local office if in Los Angeles so come visit us today!

Tax returns can be prepared quickly and without hassle. We prepare returns for individuals who are wage-earning as well as for individuals who are self-employed. If you are a wage-earner, simply provide us with a W2 and we can get started. If self-employed, your return may be more involved. We can help with preparing returns that are accurate and easy to understand. Try us next year and see the difference Cardinal can make.

The term tax avoidance is analogous to wise tax-planning.  Lowering or eliminating your tax liabilities completely depends on your taking advantage of all deductions available to you.   Taxpayers tend to be intimated by their taxes because they assume worst-case scenarios.  Even if you are not able to pay the liability immediately, action taken is better than neglect.  Ask us how you may not need to pay capital gains tax.

Working with the right firm can save you a lot of time, hassle, and money.  The IRS and the State understand how to intimidate taxpayers into settling their alleged debt.  We know how to save you money and wipe clear the debt they claim you owe.  Call us today to learn more about how Cardinal can protect your capital from these greedy agencies.

Our Firm

Cardinal Tax Group specializes in Tax Preparation services, Tax Resolution services, Tax Court Petition, and Wealth Management.  We have over one hundred years of combined experience at helping the public with their tax and wealth management needs.  Our team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, Case Managers, and Wealth Management Advisors are here to help you maximize your capital and eliminate any issues with the IRS or State.